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CELSIUS, an Icelandic brand
designed for the world

Launch an Online Store in August 2019 in Europe


The Celsius team has been producing clothes for Icelanders for over 30 years, clothes that are built to with stand the extremes of the rugged environment that are the cornerstone of Icelandic heritage. Over the years, they have finessed the art of keeping people warm and dry in even the most intense Icelandic conditions.

Combining this experience with a hand-picked and truly international design team, Celsius hopes to bring something truly unique to outdoor clothing market. Beautifully designed, stylish, urban clothing inspired by Iceland’s mystical colours and global fashion trends, and built with characteristic Icelandic resilience to withstand all that life has to offer.

  • Unrivalled quality
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Inspired by global styles
  • Affordable style
  • Available for every season

Global style, Icelandic resilience

With styles that will go from the office, to a cosy bar and out into the wilds of nature; Celsius is a global brand, with an Icelandic spirit, designed for an exciting and limitless lifestyle.



The concept is simple – globally designed, built with Icelandic resilience and accessible to the world. Tried and tested in Iceland’s wild and unpredictable climate, Celsius guarantees comfort, style and efficiency for everyday wear. When you wear Celsius, there truly is no such thing as bad weather.


Celsius is more than just clothing to be worn, it is a state of mind. Living in one of the harshest climates on the planet, Icelandic people have an intrinsic resilience that is demonstrated by the old Icelandic saying “Bíta á jaxlinn”, which literally translates as bite the molar and carry on against all adversity in your path. Our products embody this same resilience and enable you to live a limitless and spontaneous life, regardless of the elements. Wear Celsius and embody the Icelandic state of mind.


The celsius temperature scale is defined by absolute zero, that is a state in which every element of a structure is in its proper place. The same can be said for Celsius clothing; from inception to creation the team ensures that absolutely every fibre of the product is exactly as it should be. Every detail is considered with urban style and efficient functionality in mind – not to mention the rigorous Icelandic mountain testing and environmentally friendly manufacturing. The efficiency and durability of Celsius is only surpassed by its contemporary and cutting edge style.


We believe that life should offer you limitless possibilities, regardless of terrain or climate. Therefore, all Celsius clothing is carefully designed and tested, to ensure it will withstand the greatest extremes on the planet – taking you from the boardroom at work to hiking a volcano and over rugged, snow-capped peaks or glaciers, in style. When you choose Celsius, you choose to live without limitation.



Iceland is possibly one of the most unpredictable and wild climates on earth, so much so, that Icelandic people even have a word for winter’s unpredictable, resurgent attempt to keep spring at bay – “Páskahret ”. This unpredictability is what has inspired us to create beautiful clothes that enable you to never be caught off-guard by unpredictable weather – even Páskahret!

CELSIUS brings an innovative
proposal to the market

Launch an Online Store in August 2019 in Europe



The Stylish Gentleman

At Celsius, we don’t tell you how to wear our clothes – we don’t create style, we design beautiful and durable pieces that enable you to create your own unique style. We want you to have a life without limitation and the freedom to express your personality whatever the weather.

Have fun with our pieces, create a style that will take you wherever you want to go and show the world the man you want to be.


The Strong, Beautiful Woman

Celsius has no preconceived ideas of beauty
or style. We believe that style is when you wear what suits you, makes you feel good
and enables you to live the life you want to
live without limitation. The careful and considered design of all our clothes means
you can embrace your own style and be your own fashion icon.

Be yourself, live limitlessly, look and feel beautiful!


The Unique Couple

Fashion comes and goes – style does not. Fashion can be bought – style cannot. Style
is an art and something truly unique created by you, for you. Celsius creates beautifully designed pieces, influenced by global fashion and built for life – to inspire you to piece together your own individual style. Live a life that is not limited by fashion trends, become trendsetters and create your unique, coordinated style as a couple and be prepared for all of life’s adventures!


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