May 15, 20195:24 pm

Do you dream of traveling to Iceland? So you probably wonder when to leave to enjoy the best of this beautiful island with many beauties. Visit this country between June and August will allow you to enjoy the summer sun with its long days where the light rarely disappears.

Summer is certainly the best season to visit Iceland. The temperatures are cool, and the sky is radiant, ideal conditions for hiking in the middle of a bright and colorful nature. The span of the day which, around June 21, reaches 20 hours or even more in the country. It’s never nearly day. Also at the end of August, you will enjoy quite long days.


Things to do in Iceland this summer

The Iceland and unique landscapes shaped by volcanoes and glaciers call you? Here are activities to make a dream trip this summer in this magical country and make your vacation memorable!

1. Admire the midnight sun
A well-known phenomenon, it nevertheless still surprises as much: it concerns the sunshine in Iceland; longer during the summer and much shorter in the winter. If you go during the summer season, you will enjoy not only longer days but also the midnight sun. Around the summer solstice on June 21 – 1 month and a half before and one month and a half after this – we can witness a twilight in the middle of the night or the famous midnight sun. Stay up late, walk around, and be part of the nightlife. You will see how different everything is with all bars opened, rooftops and people sitting outside enjoying a couple of drinks.

2. Plan a road trip
From all the areas Iceland is habitually known for, in summer you can visit them all! The Ring Road, Reykjanes Peninsula, the Golden Circle, the Snaellfellness Peninsula, and the Westfjords. Just take pleasure of the lovely weather and pick one without thinking. You will enjoy all of them! Reykjavík if you are close by.

3. Book a cabin
This is a good idea all year round, but there is something about summer that makes it much more fun. Spend a few days in the cabin, enjoy the sun, go out for walks and the jacuzzis. You might also want to go for a night out

4. Go swimming in the beach
Going to the beach in Iceland? Cold!! Well, for sure you will not handle it in winter as locals do, but you should attempt it on summertime. Sea temperature can rise to 8 or 10°C, and with a little bit of sun, it can’t be that serious. Relish the power of nature!

5. Bathing in a hot spring
A trip to Iceland would not be complete without a swim in a hot spring in nature! Between the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest natural pools in Iceland with warm water from the ground, the milky blue waters of the natural baths of Myvatn, further north, or the Seljavallalaug mountainside spring, more than one stop, paying or not and presenting various options, are offered to us.

6. Go Hiking
Hiking is one of the activities that often value when traveling to Iceland, especially if its summer. You don’t need to be the fittest person to do this. With just some good shoes and motivation, you will love hiking around this beautiful country.

Iceland is a unique destination that offers excellent travel experience all-year-round. Traveling to Iceland in summer is a great experience, as you will enjoy the most beautiful seasons in this country.