May 25, 20196:52 pm

One of the wondrous advantages for tourists is that Iceland is incredibly different from the rest of Europe and yet is only a short flight away. Iceland is incredibly expensive. There’s no way around it. It’s an expensive destination. Pretty much everything costs money. And what makes Iceland one of the most stunningly beautiful places is because the major attractions of Iceland are natural.

Should you only visit Iceland in the summertime? Do you need a jeep to get around? What about the expensive life in the city? Let’s look at some of these questions.

Although Iceland is not the most affordable holiday destination in the world, there are many ways to save money in Iceland without reducing the quality of your trip. Read carefully useful tips below and find out how to spend an economical stay in Iceland.

1.Do Not Shop In 10-11

The most expensive chain of stores in Iceland is 10-11. In 10-11, the cash payment will be at least 50% more expensive than in low-cost other stores. To stay Iceland on a budget, you must, therefore, teach your brain to automatically associate the 10-11 green pharmacy logo with the worst on the planet! No never forget the number one rule of shopping in Icelandic grocery stores: never enter a 10-11.

2. Never Buy Bottled Water

Icelandic tap water is of exceptional quality, and you can request a free glass of water virtually anywhere. So you should never have to pay a dime for water in Iceland, except to buy a can that you can then fill up for free until the end of your holiday.

3. Enjoy Happy Hours

As some unscrupulous bars do not hesitate to charge € 10 a pint of bad beer, trips to Icelandic pubs can quickly melt your holiday savings like snow in the sun! It is therefore profoundly suggested to follow the local habits and drink during happy hours: most Icelandic bars and restaurants offer discounted rates on beer and wine from 3 pm until 8 pm every day!

4. Payless To Drink

Alcohol can be pretty expensive when you’re out in Iceland. You can save a fair amount by stopping at the duty-free before leaving the airport and stocking up on whatever Icelandic or foreign liquor you want. Or save even more by not drinking.

5. Use Public Wi-Fi Access

International roaming charges may increase rapidly during your Icelandic trip. Stay Iceland on a budget! There is no basis for you to consume data at your operator. Not only is public Wi-Fi available for free almost everywhere in Reykjavík, but all the shops, cafes, hotels and restaurants will be happy to let you connect to their Wi-Fi without question.

6. Prepare Your Meals Yourself

Preparing a meal in Iceland is cheaper than going to a restaurant; which is one of the best ways to stay on budget.  You will surely reaffirm your dignity by buying your ingredients and cooking your meals with your head up! Use the kitchens available at all guest houses, youth hostels and campsites in Iceland. What you spend for three days of food will be equivalent to one meal in a mediocre restaurant!

7. Skip The Blue Lagoon If You Want To Stay Iceland On Budget

Access to the Blue Lagoon can be pricey. The most basic entrance fee during the off-season is 40 Euros (about $45). And that doesn’t cover transportation or any extras like being able to use a towel. If you’re trying to stay save money in Iceland but still want to experience some of Iceland’s geothermal water, go to a regular public swimming pool.

So, Iceland lived up to all of the hype for being a very quirky, progressive, and beautiful country that a lucky few can call home. Hope’s these tips will help you plan an affordable but unforgettable trip to Iceland.