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Are you ready to leave for Iceland and do not know how to go about packing Iceland luggage? You already know that you can expect all kinds of weather conditions, whatever the season. Conditions that can change in minutes, so that in one day, you are likely to have sun, rain, snow, and wind.

Perhaps you already know that Iceland is not as cold as the name suggests, as confirmed by the English saying ‘ Greenland’s ice and Iceland’s green ‘ (Greenland is ice and Iceland is all green. Greenland means “green country” and Iceland “ice country”). Nevertheless, the Icelandic weather is to be taken seriously.

What you put in your luggage for Iceland depends of course what you intend to do, the season you are traveling and the length of your stay.

Here is the ultimate packing Iceland guide that you might find helpful before you begin your journey through Iceland.

What Clothes To Bring For A Trip To Iceland?

The question that kills! In Iceland, we often say that if the weather does not please us, wait five minutes. You will see that it’s true! So, when it’s cold, and five minutes later it’s hot, then the sun falls, but it rains at the same time, what do we do about our luggage that often has to stay light?

  •    Warm Jacket: A warm jacket to combat the fresh air and moisture will be essential, as will the raincoat/windbreaker that goes over for showers and squalls. A windproof jacket is more than likely that there will be wind!
  •    Swimsuit: Yes, you need a swimsuit! You will not bathe in the ocean, but there are many public pools with hot baths and natural springs in addition to fabulous geothermal hot pots all over the country.
  •    Two fine and breathable pullovers: The second is there in case the first one is wet or cold (because of rain or perspiration).

Note: Avoid cotton that stays wet and cold and multiply the thickness.

What Shoes Do You Need In Iceland?

  •    For the feet:  it’s easier! It recommends a pair of casual walking shoes with which you will be comfortable both in Reykjavik and in the Icelandic countryside. Then do not forget the bathing sandals / flip flops/flip-flops for swimming pools and camping showers, for example.
  •    Walking shoes:  If it’s a short hike and without difficulty, sneakers can suffice. If the hike includes demanding paths or the mountain, good walking shoes are essential.
  •    Good Socks: If your shoes are new, it may be good to have a pair of fine socks available with you.

Hygiene! What Should I Bring?

  •    First Aid Kit and prescription medications: Although pharmacies are everywhere, a small first aid kit of aspirin, band-aids, anti-septic and any prescription medicines is essential. If you take daily vitamins and medications prescribed by your doctor, be sure to pack a sufficient amount plus an additional seven days’ worth in case your flight is detained.
  •    Washbag: Try to get the travel-size versions of your favorite shampoo/shower gel; there’s no need to cart about huge half-liter bottles. Bring a toothbrush, also a comb or brush, and any other little luxuries. And contraception for those wild nights.

Hope yu enjoyed our packing guide for Iceland this can give you a better idea of what to expect.

Happy travels to Iceland!

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