August 28, 20196:21 pm

What memories do you bring back from your trip to Iceland?

Iceland is a beautiful country which attracts more and more visitors in search of discoveries. And if the temperatures are rather low, this climate gives a particular charm to this beautiful country.

And with such a change of scenery, many people who come to discover Iceland who wonder what they will be able to bring back at the height of their trip. This is undoubtedly one of the questions that you will ask yourself if you are brought to travel in this country. Between a gift that recalls the most influential moments of your trip or a best souvenir of the country, the choice can be very varied.

Iceland is a country that is out of the ordinary. And because it’s an original destination, nothing like bringing back a unique gift. So you will have a lot of choices on-site and in our Iceland shop and you will easily find an original souvenir.


Here Are The Best Icelandic Souvenirs You Can Get Yourself And Love Ones.

  • Icelandic Volcanic Jewelry

Iceland is basically 90% basalt (volcanic rock, formed by the solidification of magma). So whether it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace with a pendant, I’m sure that whoever you bring a piece of volcanic gem or lava to, you will love it as much as you enjoyed seeing all those mighty volcanoes.

  • Best Icelandic foods

Best foods remain a classic recollection of a trip. During your Iceland getaway, you have a wide choice of foods that you can bring back to your family and friends. These include the famous salmon and herring. Feel free to bring back to give your loved ones a delectable taste. Note that these fish are available in smoke version. As for drinks, Iceland also has a lot to offer as a souvenir. For example, Icelandic vodka and potato liqueur are two must-haves.

  • An Icelandic wool sweater

If there is a good memory that reminds best Icelandic country, it is undoubtedly a woolen sweater best of this island country, knitted and woven by hand. Simply because this gift represents the two great peculiarities of the country. Very thick, it first symbolizes the harsh northern climate. Decorated with various geometric patterns that mark the authenticity of wool, it also refers to the unique and impressive culture of Iceland. Get this wool sweater as a souvenir of your trip to Iceland.

  • Icelandic Candy

It is undeniable that we all love candy, whether it is chocolate, hard candy, or gummies. Candy is, without a doubt, the best souvenir you can buy for children of all ages.

Hope you have gotten some gift inspiration. There is more to bring back from Iceland than just a colorful coffee mug. Let us know about your favorites of the list and what you end up purchasing for your friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your mom, sister, or aunt best Icelandic souvenirs!